The Apple MOAX Strategy Trader

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This is the latest addition to the automated trading systems in the Apple Auto Trader service. The MOAX system has been in production for over 6 months, after being in test for more than 2 years. The equity chart you see below is the trader’s performance since January of 2006. And it’s spectacular with a maximum drawdown of only 5 percent since its inception, and net profit as a percentage of drawdown of nearly 1600 percent; we call that the magic number, as any system that exceeds 1000 percent is considered exceptional.

The system stays in trades 9.5 days on average, with about 5-8 trades per month, sometimes more, sometimes fewer. It trades in the 60 minute time-frame, and has a forward looking signal (heart beat indicator) that can alert you up to an hour prior to a trade occurring.

The trader uses a complimentary, yet divergent strategy from the other two traders in the service based on the strength of rate of change in momentum. The strategy is very versatile, and works spectacularly with a wide range of stocks and market sectors, requiring virtually no optimization or tuning over long periods of time. In fact, this trader has not been tuned or optimized for over three years…it just works.

When the MOAX system is used as part of a complete Apple trading strategy, incorporating the other two systems in the service, the DBOL and OTW traders, it provides exceptional performance with very little volatility, and a super low maximum drawdown of under 3 percent. The total system outperforms an Apple buy and hold strategy by well over 200 percent, while putting far less capital to work.

For more information, call the AppleInvestor at 508-446-0517, or sign up for the two week trial.

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