Intro: Ask Ernie Podcast

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Introduction to a new DAILY podcast that seeks to answer people’s questions about Apple, Technology, and Finance.

I love talking about Apple and it’s products, the technology, the philosophy, and investing strategies. And I love hearing from people who love Apple too, and boy do they love sending me questions That’s why I’ve started the Ask Ernie about Apple podcast. It’s a brand new, DAILY podcast. Each episode features an actual question submitted from someone like you! So, plug in those headphones, because it’s time to learn together all about the business of Apple and so much more.

2 Responses to "Intro: Ask Ernie Podcast"
  1. Neil Campbell says:

    Do you send out calls and puts of when you get in and when you get out?
    What is the difference between Auto trader and normal trading?

  2. Neil Campbell says:

    Will you please reply to me in an email.
    Thank you

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