Getting Started with AppleInvestor

PageLines-Ernie_Varitimos-300x300.jpgI am Ernie Varitimos, creator of the AppleInvestor website. I love “Investing” in Apple; if you do too, then this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly, and start becoming an AppleInvestor!

I’m Your Trading Coach

AppleInvestor Philosophy – Kai-Zen

The AppleInvestor philosophy is heavily influenced by the late and great Steve Jobs, it’s called Kai-Zen, which means Change for the Good. But it’s more than just change, it’s how and why we pursue that change. Here’s a Jobs quote encapsulating this thinking:

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” – Steve Jobs

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the hub to all the product and service offerings, both free and paid. It is where you access your profile, and where you start your training, along with supporting information and tools.

  • Featured Video: usually a replay of a recent training webinar, or a LIVE webcast or Google Hangout presentation
  • LIVE Support: Go here, call, email, or leave a message for me, ask anything you want to know.
  • Core Training: video courses with a Learning Management System (LMS), easy navigation, quizzes and achievement certificates
  • Auto Traders: Information on the Apple Auto Trader alerts systems, including how to set alerts up, historical data and strategy descriptions
  • Cool Stuff: Trading Tools, and links to other resources

The Dashboard is available at the top of the page. Check out the Blog too!

AskErnie Podcast

The podcast is about answering your questions about Apple; the products, business, philosophy and investing. Your question will be featured in one of the episodes. All you have to do is click the button and ask a question. The first episodes will be available in late October 2014.

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How To Trade for a Living Trader Coaching and Online Course

Coaching-mentor-shutterstock_104979254The flagship product, where you learn to treat your trading like a business, hire me as your trading coach, and I’ll teach you how to be a great trader.

Who is it for? It is for both part-time and full-time investors and traders of both stocks and options. My primary client is the beginner to intermediate level trader, looking to cut through the complexities of trading with a simple and elegant approach, and treat trading like a serious business.

Hire Your Coach Now

What’s in the Course? First of all, it’s way more than just an online course, it’s primarily a one-on-one trader support service. When you buy the course, you are hiring me as your coach, to make sure your are successful. Here are some of the features:

  • On-Line Course: Hours of videos and download and quizzes presented with a first-class Learning Management System
  • LIVE Coaching Sessions: We work together remotely using Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts, whichever works best for you, where I provide whatever your support need is, and also to develop your personalized trade plan, and help guide you through your first real money trade campaign
  • Apple Auto Trader: You get a FREE 3 month subscription to a sophisticated institutional quality systems trader, easily one of the best systems trader on the retail and professional market at any price
  • Options Workshop: You get a 3 FREE month subscription to the videos I produce on trading, analysis and strategies, with a heavy emphasis on options